About us

Being aware of need of development of mutual cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Republic of India we decided, to the day of 60th anniversary of liberation of India, to establish a mixed chamber of commerce named Indo-Czech Chamber of Commerce .

Indo-Czech Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization financed by members fees, testimonials, and services which it provide

The object of Indo-Czech Chamber of Commerce is to set up an area for the development of mutual economic and commercial relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of India. For achieving these targets we provide especially following services:

1. Collecting and providing information about:
- business opportunities
- business Partners
- commercial legislation
- customs and specialties of business relations

2. Mediation of business relations:
- searching for business partners for asks and bids
- providing of business negotiations during trade missions, including interpretation services etc.
3. Subvention of mutual business relations:
- arranging of promotional actions of Indian companies in the Czech Republic and vice-versa
- support of activities leading to intensification of mutual economic-business cooperation
Indo-Czech Chamber of Commerce is governed by its Administrative Board.
The Administrative Board is elected once a year and consists of five members of the Board of Directors (Executive Board) and four to ten other members.
As a business-networking organisation, Indo-Czech Chamber of Commerce establishes platforms for its members to meet various business and government leaders.

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